ginger zee breast pump during dwts

Ginger Zee Pumps While Rehearsing For DWTS

Dancing With The Stars fans and judges alike were wowed by ABC Good Morning America’s chief meteorologist, Ginger Zee’s performance on the season premier earlier this week. Zee and her partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy danced the Jive to “Move” (You’re Stepping On My Heart) from Dreamgirls The Musical and had the crowd on their feet (see video below). Judge Carrie Ann compared Zee to Bindi Irwin, the winner of last season’s DWTS.

But perhaps most impressive is that Zee is a new mom, having delivered her son Adrian Benjamin only about three months ago, AND she’s breastfeeding! She’s been traveling back and forth from New York to Los Angeles to practice and film DWTS, which has a grueling schedule. To make things more complicated, she has to pump when her little guy doesn’t travel with her.

During a rehearsal with Val, her partner, she complained that her “boobs felt like they were going to explode.” She asked if he minded if she took a quick break to pump, and Val didn’t bat an eye. She could be seen getting situated and adjusting the pump in the rehearsal room, which is a huge step in the right direction for breastfeeding moms everywhere. We’re guessing this may have been the first time many DWTS viewers have ever seen what it really means to be a breastfeeding mom. When a baby is hungry, you need to stop and feed him/her, and when your body is programmed to feed, you need to stop and do something about it – simple as that. A woman’s body is amazing like that.

Zee shared a video clip of one of her pumping sessions on Instagram. Val was given credit for the filming. Fans loved it! One mom thanked Zee for sharing and gave her some words of encouragement saying that it does get easier as the babies get older and don’t need to feed every few hours. writerashley wrote, “I’m a new mom as well and just wanted to stop by your page after watching DWTS to say how much I respect you for breastfeeding even with your busy schedule, and normalizing it for the rest of us! It gets much easier when your baby doesn’t want to eat every three hours. 🙂 I thought I’d do it six months, and now I’m at ten! Loved your dance!”

Zee gave props to the moms who travel regularly while pumping by sharing this photo.

“I traveled with breast milk for the first time last weekend… I commend the mom’s that do this regularly.#mobilemilkmachine

And here’s a peek at the pair’s first performance in what we hope will be a long season for them on Dancing With The Stars!